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Now you probably already know that Daniel Waser and I recently
created a WordPress Plugin for Creating Custom Facebook Fan
Pages via WordPress called WPFacePages.

Over the last 3 weeks, we have worked to morph this Plugin into
an all inclusive tool for Facebook and WordPress, but even more
so as a single plugin for Social Sharing on your WordPress Blogs.

In the Auto Blog Blueprint 3.0 I go over a few tools for Integrating
like Wordbooker and I talk about the importance of creating a fan
page for every WordPress Blog you have in Step 16.

Over the last 2 months, changes by Google and Bing have now
made this not just a recommendation, but a requirement.


If you do a simple search across the Web, you will find that Google
and Bing have now Included Social Search into their listing.  From
your own searches, you have probably seen the Increase in Search
Results showing Facebook Results, Twitter Results, and Video.

Now, Facebook has taken this to the next level as well and with
their rise to the top as being the #1 most traffic'd site on the web,
more and more sites are gaining strength from this and dominating
search results more than their competitors because they understand
how to take advantage of it.

Guess what?

Now you can too.

The WPFacePages plugin now has complete Open Graph Optimization
Integration.  This means that by simply filling in the Facebook settings
in the Plugin, you can have all the Required Open Graph Tags added
to your WordPress Blog automatically for every single Post and Page
you create, including the Fan Pages this Plugin helps you create as well.

Now you might say, "Doesn't WordPress SEO Plugin have these settings?"

The answer is no.  They have the basic requirements.  We have the
complete integration package which includes Titles, Type Tags, Object
Tags, and more!  All of which can help you build on your Facebook


Yes, now Facebook has a new ranking system for Content and you can
be one of the first to take advantage of it.  You see, every time you get
a Like on one of your Pages.  Just 1 Like.  Your WordPress Blog Page or
Post then becomes a Facebook Page.  That's right.  Simply by using the
integration we have done for you here.  Plus, you can Like your own
Content and it works just the same.

What does this mean?  It means that by posting content to your blog
with Articles, Pictures, and Video; these items all get Ranked as being
high quality items by Facebook and they increase your EdgeRank.

By using the New Auto Post to Facebook functions of WPFacePages,
you can have all your Blog Content Posted to your Facebook Pages
Wall, Notes, or Events sections and when you do, all the People who
have Liked your Blog Content will have these Posts added to their
Facebook Walls.

By doing this, all of their Friends get to see your Content as well. Can
you see how Viral this is?  Plus, the plugin has Integrated Like and
Send functions for Facebook.  Comments, Facebook Connect for your
Blog and more Widgets and other great addons there isn't enough
space here to list them all.

We have over 50 Shortcodes for adding to the Customization of your
Fan Pages and WordPress Blogs, not to Mention a Great New Graphics
Generator that we will be adding on in a few days.

Then you also have the Google +1 Addon as well for Adding Google
+1 Icons to your Content Posts and Pages as well.

Coming soon, we will be adding complete Twitter Integration to the
Plugin with Auto Posting and Multiple Account management so there
will be no other Plugin you will ever need for Social Media anymore!

It is all here!  Take a Look:


We haven't even added everything to the site or added all the Features
to the Video yet this has been getting developed so fast!

This Plugin will be replacing all the Facebook and Twitter methods
and tools in the ABB 3.0 and we are selling it dirt cheap!  There are
Warrior Special Offers right now for tools that do just the facebook
SEO our plugin does for $27.  Don't get bit.  Get more now!

Thanks and Good Luck!

Mike Johnson & Daniel Waser

P.S.  Note that the Install Videos are on the WPFacePages site as well
in the How it Works section.  These videos are important as they will
describe and show you in detail how to setup each blog. Once you do
it one time it is super easy after that.

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+Mike Johnson is the Creator of the Auto Blog Blueprint and other high value Internet Marketing Properties.

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