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Here is the Webinar Replay from last night.  This Webinar is a little slow at times and choppy due the it being my first Webinar in a long time and my first with the GotoWebinar  software, so I apologize in Advance.  I have made it downloadable as well to help you scan through the 3 hours of content.  The large pauses in the Webinar are due to a lot of questions being posed by members that I should have waited to answer, but didn't.  After going through the Video I have found that while I was able to hit the Mute button on the actual Webinar, but my recording actually catches me belching a few times which is disgusting, but I didn't edit them out because I was trying to get this out to everyone, so I apologize for that as well.  There is also one pause where my son was playing XBox and sucking the life out the connection, which was rather humorous.

We went over both Link Building with Auto Blog Money Pages with SENukeX and a little bit about Traffic Kaboom.

Here is the Video Replay:



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