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Step 13: Traffic & Promotion

In order to really place our blogs on Autopilot, we need a few additional tools to get them there with minimal Footprint and with great effect.  This will obviously cost some money, but I have 4 Recommendations for achieving continual Traffic, Rankings, and Increased Authority for your Auto Blogs. Right now, as we speak, 100% […]

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Step 12: The Content Plan

Now that you have your Money/ Landing Pages built and your site structure setup, it is time to put your Blog on AutoPilot.  While there are a lot of tools out there which claim to be the answer for automated content, I have learned there are a few risks to simply adding a new plugin […]

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Step 11: Site Structure & Silos

When we create an Auto Blog using the Instant Authority technique I have outlined in this course, the need for a Link Silo structure is not a requirement, but it does enhance the Authority and flow of the site and its content.  While the structure we use here is not a pure Link Silo by […]

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Step 10: Landing Pages

Landing Pages are Money Pages. Back in the Niche Research Step when we talked about identifying our Affiliate Products we also talked about building Landing Pages for those Products.  This is where our Money is made.  Banners and other links across your site will make you some money, but the bulk of it comes from […]

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Step 9: Establishing Authority

There are steps which must be taken in order to Re-Establish the Authority from the domain name you have acquired.  One of the biggest mistakes I see is when people buy aged/ expired domains for their high PR Rank and Authority and then they let it dwindle away by not recognizing why the domain has […]

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