Getting Started

Before you get started into the content of the Auto Blog Blueprint X, it is important to begin with a full understanding of the ABB X Plan of Action.  In other words, you need to know the exact methodology behind what makes this system work and why just adding a few plugins to a WordPress blog isn't the answer.  Quickie methods will kill whatever chances you have at profiting from auto blogging, but you most likely already know this if you have been buying some of the over hyped junk that's out there right now.

Niche depending, you can make $1000 a month or more with One Blog.  Follow the system completely or you will not make anything. Work smarter, not harder.


A Brief History:  Why this System Works

My name is Mike Johnson and I have been building auto blogs since 2003.  I released the first version of the Auto Blog Blueprint to a private group of blog subscribers in 2008 and then as a Warrior Forum Special Offer in early 2009.  After that I released the Auto Blog Blueprint 2.0 in 2009 and the Auto Blog Blueprint 3.0 in 2010/2011.  Combined, both versions helped over 15,000 Customers build incredible profits through building auto blogs.

Since then I have continued to build and test auto blogs, some with wild success and others with terrible failure.  My ability to build and profit from auto blogs is unmatched in the industry.  I look at a lot of the sites out there which claim to the be authorities on building niche sites, when in reality, most of these "authorities" are still trying to use 2008-2009 tactics and techniques.  It is unreal to me what is being "taught" out there.  Not to mention what is being sold.  The reason I mention this is because I know you are looking for the easy answer.  Everyone is.  That is why these ideas and tools sell.  Gimmicks do not build profits.  Solid, Tested, and Proven techniques do.

I previously had over 150 Niche Auto Blogs running and profiting for me..  I lost over 40 sites due to Google Penguin and Panda from 2012-13.  I learned that is best to work with the best performing sites in order to maximize profits and now I concentrate solely on 20 very solid and well performing sites.  My sites are all running at 100% and while rankings for everything go up and down I have not lost a site due to a Google Slap in almost 2 years.  Some of my sites have been running on auto for over 8 years now and I average just over $20K per month from them.

I guarantee you there are not many seasoned auto bloggers like myself out there.  I know what I am talking about from years of experience.  I learned all the hard lessons for you and the results of those lessons are contained here on this site.

I am not just here to tell you this system works.  I am going to show you exactly how to do it and when you do it, you will be able to see the success of the system yourself.

Establish Goals:  What Do You Want to Accomplish?

Before you begin you must fully understand what it is you want to achieve.  Look at your short term goals and then look at your long term goals for your Auto Blogging business.  Yes, BUSINESS.  You are building a business here and every business needs a Plan.

My recommended Short Term Goal is: Create and establish 5 functional Auto Blogs that meet all the requirements of the Auto Blog Blueprint X in 60 days or less.  Ensuring that your first auto blog is built and running through the basic parameters set by the Blueprint in the first 14 days (2 weeks).  After the first one is built, you will be able to duplicate it all very quickly.  Having 5 sites will also allow you to test and see what niches perform the best for you.  BUILD ONE BLOG AT A TIME!!  Do not over extend yourself.

My recommended Long Term Goal is: Have 20 Auto Blogs running in 6 months or less.  This is a challenge, but with Automation it is very doable.  With 20 Auto Blogs as the Target Goal for this Course, at a minimum you should be able to make well over $5000 per month on auto.  If you do things right, you will be at that Goal long before the 6 Month Target is hit.  If you pick the right Niches, this could easily be at $10,000 per month or more.  The only thing that will make this happen is You.  Defining your Goal in words is one thing, your actions will determine your success.  Take Action and Succeed.  Once you get going, you will see how very easy this all is.


Defining Your Strategy

Once you have your overall Goal figured out, it is time to Map out the actual Strategy for your Auto Blog Empire.  To do this you must have a clear idea as to what your Planning Considerations are.  There are several key things to know before you begin even looking for Niches.  That is why my Recommendation is that before you build your first blog, you go through this course completely and then go back through it methodically again as you develop your strategy for creating your Auto Blog Empire.

Key Financial Considerations:

  1. Money: Auto Blogs are resource intensive and cost some money to implement into action.  Know the costs and figure out what you need to spend your money on first.  We have tried to make this easier by showing you the best tools to use, but there are the outside costs to think about as well.  You May THINK you know what is Recommended or Required, but then you might find out it is different than expected.  Budget your money and Be Smart!  This is a long term project with a lot of work up front, but then very little as you get everything in place.
  2. Research Tools: There are niche research software tools that can make the process of finding niches and keywords very easy.  Most tools recommended have enough common qualities that you do not need to waste your money on more.
  3. Domains: For 20 Blogs, that is 20 Domains.  Understand the cost and adjust your plan accordingly.  If you can only build 2 Blogs at a time and implement the Blueprint, then that is what you have to do.  Do not buy 20 Domains up front.  Be smart and buy in a way that is recommended in Step 2: Domains.
  4. Hosting: Auto Blogs can be resource intensive.  Some Advanced Plugins require website hosting that has more resources available.  Understand the cost of starting out on a Shared Host versus a Reseller/ VPS host or Dedicated Server.  Budget your money accordingly.
  5. Content: Whether you pay for Unique Content (articles) or Advanced Auto Blogging Plugins, there is a cost associated that can be quite high initially in some cases.  If you are on a tight budget as a Beginner, listen to the Recommendations in the Blueprint and spend your money wisely.  The Auto Blog Blueprint has the information Required so you DO NOT have to spend that kind of money to get the same or similar results.
  6. Backlinks, Website Traffic, and Social Media: All Backlink Building, Social Media Marketing, and SEO can be done for Free by you.  The reality is that most of this process is a lot of tedious work.  It is not hard, it is just very time consuming.  For even one blog it can be a challenge, for 20 it can be back breaking.  Pick the tools that make the biggest impact first and go from there.  Understand that this is not a cost you have to incur, but one you may find out that is a necessary evil.  Time is Money and this can be the biggest drag on your time.  Budget accordingly.

Understanding these things going in will help you make the proper decisions when it comes time to implement your strategy.  There are other Key Planning Considerations as well.

Key Planning Considerations:

  1. Blog Network Management: As you build your Blogs, it is important to use the Blueprint here to manage all of your sites methodically.  Even after you build your Blogs and set them to auto post on autopilot, you will need to manage them and keep track of them statistically to ensure that your monetization strategies are working and that the sites do not require maintenance. Check on each blog at least once every 2-3 weeks and use the recommended Analytics programs to keep track of them and their overall progress.
  2. Affiliate Networks: Identify the Affiliate Networks that you want to work with and ensure you meet the criteria for getting into the Networks you want to Join. This is a key component of success.
  3. Hosting: Hosting is a major planning consideration.  Most shared hosts can only handle a few auto Blogs on each account due to resources, the potential size of the Blogs, and the need to have your sites on different Class C IP's.  Planning for the growth of these sites is key as they can grow quite large over time.  See Step 3: Hosting for more details.


Planning Your Blog Design and Monetization Strategy

When researching Domains and Niches, it is important to develop an Initial Strategy on how you will go from selecting a Niche to actually creating an Auto Blog for it.  Each Niche that research gives you may look great at first, but you must identify Key Components of Action in order to create a profitable auto blog.  Do not create an auto blog on a specific niche just because you LIKE IT or THINK it will work!  This is a recipe for disaster.  Follow each Step in the Blueprint and you WILL succeed!

*If Your Blog looks like an Auto Blog it will fail!  Build Your Blogs to Look like Authority Blogs and You will succeed!

Key Components of Action:  

  1. Can the Niche Be Monetized? When you identify a Niche that meets the criteria outlined in Step 1: Niche Research, the first thing you need to do is answer this important question.  Is the Niche a Product?  Is the Niche information oriented like a Technical Support or Personal Information Niche?  Take Dog Training for instance. It is an information oriented Niche, but it can be service related and Product related as well.  If I monetized a "Dog Training" Niche, I could offer Dog Training Videos (from an Affiliate Program) and / or I could offer any number of Dog related products.  Deciding on how you can monetize the Niche is an important Step you should take before purchasing a Domain or attempting to setup a blog for it.
  2. Is the Niche Product or Information Oriented or both? When planning how to add content and monetization strategies to your auto blog, it is important to map out, either on paper or in your mind, how you plan on setting up your Blog's theme and widgets, designing the layout, etc.  Understanding where your Blog's focus is will help you set up the best possible scheme for your site.  Knowing if your focus is Product or Information oriented will help determine which Plugins and types of content/ content sources you will need when building the blog.
  3. Categories & Keyword Research: When conducting Keyword Research after identifying your Niche, look deeper at categories for your blog.  You need at least 4-5 categories for each site.  Do not create an Auto Blog with one category and 1000 posts, this will end in bad results with Google. On the same note, manage your categories and ensure that you don't have too many either.  How many is too many?  30 categories is too many in my opinion for most sites, but each niche is different and certain niches may have hundreds of categories.  Understand and be able to identify when you need to manage this as you don't want your site to look trashy or mismanaged.  Categories do not have to be Keyword Related if they help the blog and the adding of quality content.
  4. Authority Blogs - Create Value Added Resources: When deciding how you want to implement content into your blog and categories, my first and only recommendation is to always look at your blog as a Value Added Resource, and Authority Blog where you want to add Quality Content the best that you can.  By designing your Blogs as resources, whether they are Review Sites where your focus is on Products or if they are an information site where you are trying to provide content that is valuable.  What Does Value Added Mean?  It simply means that You should create a site as a Resource where users can come to find what they are looking for.  Thus, You must build your blog with ease of use in mind and categorize and input the blog's articles and other contents in a way that will provide Value to Your Visitors.  Newspapers are Value Added Resources which use other Content then their own to Provide Value to Users.  Build your sites around this model as it is a very Key Component of your success.  DO NOT BUILD JUNK BLOGS!
  5. Design and Themes: When you are going through this process, develop 2-3 Courses of Action for the implementation of your Niche from an idea into a blog.  Look at what the potential outcomes could be as this will also help you decide on what you want your site to look like and aid you in developing the overall Design and Appearance of your sites.  Once you get into this process and do it several times, you will have the blog built in your mind and/ or on paper long before it is built.

Put your Plan on Paper or Create a Microsoft Project (or use some other Project Management tool):

A lot of this might not make sense yet, and that is OK.  Keeping your ideas organized is Key to your success.  Understand what you want to achieve with each and every Auto Blog you build.  Use all of these Planning Considerations, along with all the information contained in the Auto Blog Blueprint and Plan accordingly.  Once complete, implement your Plan of Action for each blog and watch it grow into Profit.  Not every blog will be as profitable as the other.  Some Niches work and others don't.  Move on and create another blog, but understand that making changes and updating your auto Blogs is a part of the process that will keep them profitable.

Execute Your Plan! Let's Get Started!

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