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You can't just throw a Plugin on your site, build a Content Link Silo, post a bunch of automated junk content and expect to make money. That didn't even work in 2009, how can you expect it to work in 2015??

Every other day it seems like a new Wordpress Plugin or Theme is released claiming to be the holy grail of automated profits. The problem is, more time then not, these Plugins come with a price higher than what you think. The Price of you losing your domain and hard work to a Google SLAP!

It is flat out crazy what is being claimed and sold these days!

I'm sure you've seen this by now. How many sites have you built only to watch them crash and burn? How many plugins have you purchased only to watch your Rankings go from the Top 10 to Slapped in a matter of months?

It is funny really. There are tons of websites dedicated to "Niche" website creation and "Passive" profits, but most of these guys don't know a thing about it because they never have had any REAL success doing it themselves!

This is what is being sold every day and if you are just starting out in this business its hard to know where to turn. Everyone is looking for a quick Buck and most of the time its coming from YOUR WALLET!

Well, I can tell you, that is all going to change for you RIGHT NOW, TODAY!

Welcome to the ONLY Autopilot Profit Product that Keeps Over Delivering!

Hello. My Name is Mike Johnson and I am the Creator of the Auto Blog Blueprint. While other products keep getting released telling everyone on the web that you can make money at the push of a button, I am here to show you how this stuff really works! No Hype! No Lies! No Bullshit!

Over 15,000 Members Can't be Wrong!

The Auto Blog Blueprint has been delivering profits and success to everyone who has been a Member since the first Version was released in November 2008 (2000 Members)! Version 2.0 added 5000 Members to the mix in 2009 and Version 3.0 added a whopping 8000 Members in 2010 and 2011!

Now, due to popular demand and the fact that tons of Marketer's are selling crap and lies, we decided to finally release the long awaited Update to the ABB here in 2015, The Auto Blog Blueprint X!

I have been building Blogs and Auto Blogs since 2003, have built and sold multiple Wordpress Plugins, Themes, and Internet Marketing Businesses, and have placed more sites in the top Rankings in Google over the last 10+ Years than I can possibly count! I have been in the trenches. I can talk the talk and walk the walk!

The Auto Blog Blueprint X isn't about Auto Blogging and Trash or Spam sites....It is about building Value Added Blogs that Run on Autopilot and Profit, while making Google happy at the same time!!

We've taken a complicated System and Have Made it EASY!  Now all you have to do is:




Passive Income Starts with Using the Right System...

Anyone can build a blog, throw a ton of affiliate links on it, use an automated plugin for Wordpress and call it auto blogging.

The reality is, it takes a very specific methodology to make money on Autopilot.  One which cannot be expected to work unless you know EXACTLY what Google wants and how to give it them...

But, that isn't even the hardest part!  

Remember, we are trying to make money right?  To do that you can't just throw a bunch of affiliate links on a site and HOPE it works.  Hope you rank for a specific keyword.  Hope your blog post titles are good enough.  Hope the MAGIC SEO Fairy is going to give you some link juice...

It takes much much more then that.  But, luckily, I have the answer.

Now You Can...

  • Find Profitable Niches Faster then Ever Before!
  • Create Blogs with Instant Authority and Traffic!
  • Create Ultra Targeted Affiliate Landing Pages
  • Use Simple Link Structures (Silos) for Massive Increases in SEO & Traffic!
  • Use Social Power to Drive More Sales & Increase Monthly Profits!

The $100,000 per Year System that Runs on AutoPilot!

I used to think I needed to build 100's of Auto Blogs in order to make my goal of $100,000 per year.

I was wrong!

It's really tough to manage that many blogs. I have over 100 right now and it takes a lot of time. I had to hire an outsourcing team to manage my sites for me Years ago. That has ended now and I'll tell you why in a minute.

In 2009 I was making just over $20,000 per month with just under 100 blogs and in 2011 I was making well over $40,000per month with just over 150 blogs.

But, when Google Penguin and Panda hit my 150 sites took a big SLAP and in the space of 6 months I lost over 40 blogs! It was crazy! I almost decided it was time to quit, but then I got mad and decided to really try hard. I tested and tested and now today, I still have over 100 blogs which are making money for me each and every day, but a little differently then before.

The biggest lesson learned though was I found I didn't have to have a lot of sites to make big money. In fact, 90% of my monthly profits come from just 20 of my Auto Blogs and I earned just over $22,000 in December 2014 with them alone.

The Secret to AutoPilot Profits in 2015?

What I learned is Google is looking for sites with Authority. They will send mounds and mounds of Traffic to your site if you have it, but the hurdle for me was how to get Instant Authority for my new sites. I already had it built with my old sites, but starting from scratch was another matter altogether.

I must have tested different techniques with over 30 different sites in the last 3 years, but in the last 8 months I really found the key to success. I refined my System and now have not only found how to start making money from my NEW auto blogs in 2015, but I also learned how to make my old sites make even more money then before.

I was able to trim down my stock of sites to the Top 20 money makers and am now able to manage them all on my own with minimal work on my part. Auto Blogging hasn't been this easy for me since 2009!

I used to think I had to make money from each and every Post and Page I created. Not anymore! Now I Make More Money by using a highly FOCUSED and TARGETED approach!

Introducing the Ultimate Solution for Auto Blogging in 2015...

Auto Blog Blueprint X

The Upgraded System adored by over 15,000 Members Since 2008!

Build profitable Niche Affiliate Sites Faster then ever before with a complete System which takes you from A-Z! You get to look over my shoulder and see everything it takes to create ULTRA Profitable Niche Affiliate Auto Blogs with Instant Authority and Traffic from Day 1!!

The ABB X is the 4th Version of the ABB we have released and this is the single best version by far, but our current Members don't care.

I get emails from Members every day asking to get back into the Member Area so they can use the content from the ABB 3.0.

Why? Because it was that good and it worked and still works for thousands of Members!

Get Started Making $500 to $1000 Per Month, Per Auto Blog!

Follow the Exact System I Use and Look Over My Shoulder as I do it!

Module 1

  • Getting Started
  • The System
  • Step 1:  Niche Research
  • Step 2:  Instant Authority Domains
  • Step 3:  Web Hosting
  • Step 4:  Blog Install

Module 2

  • SEO Plan of Action
  • Step 5:  Base Settings
  • Step 6:  Base Plugins
  • Step 7:  Themes
  • Step 8:  Essential Pages

Module 3

  • Step 9:  Establishing Authority
  • Step 10:  Landing Pages
  • Step 11:  Site Structure & Silos
  • Step 12:  The Content Plan
  • Step 13:  Traffic & Promotion

You Get Everything Step by Step!  The Perfect System, Built for Beginners & Experts Alike!

See what some of our customers have to say:

"I think this has to be one of the best investments I have ever made."

I have never considered auto blogging before. I was always wary that the big G would find it out and all your sites would suddenly disappear. I only looked at ABB because it was recommended by several people whose opinions I respect. I have now read through the blueprint once and watched the videos once.

My impressions. The first one is that this is not some guru type, "I need some more cash so I'll get an outsourcer to write something" product. It is obviously a man writing about what he does every day and is really good at. I thought I knew how to set up a blog properly but I have learned so many things that I was doing wrong.

The amount of detail about every aspect of what you are trying to do is far beyond anything I have seen before. You get to know what every plug in does, how to set it up and how to integrate it into your site. And then you get the installer that saves you 90% of the time to do the set up.

If I never built an auto blog, I would still consider this good value for money for that and for what I have learned so far. But I will definitely be building auto blogs because I am convinced now that they can add value and have a long term future.

I think this has to be one of the best investments I have ever made.


"I appreciate what you have done..."

Hi there Mike, i just wanted to tell you that even though i am new to blogging can see that this program has tons of very important information for anyone wanting to be successful auto blogging.

I am so glad that you have provided learning through the use of video tools. This helps those of us who are new, to understand and most importantly build confidence through understanding what you are teaching. I agree with you that newbies should listen to the programs 2x at a minimum, 3 x is more than likely better. I am 3/4 of the way through my first time viewing the programs and hope to finish by the middle of the week. I was overwelmed at first with amount of information you provided, but am starting to absorb more and more with each video.

Thanks Mike for your honesty and the wealth of knowledge you have provided. I appreciate what you have done and what it can do for myself and others who want to better their lives and the lives of their families.

Thanks again!


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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't start making money with this System in the next 60 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund!

We know we can throw up a bunch of fancy screen shots here and they wouldn't mean a thing. The proof of this System is in what YOU do with it.

That is why we give You a full 60 Days to see exactly what the Auto Blog Blueprint X can do for YOU!

Start making money in 60 Days or Less or we'll give you a full refund on your purchase!

This is our GUARANTEE to You!

But, YOU have to do your part too. This means you need to use the System. You can't cut corners. You must actually get inside and follow the training and implement it. If you don't, you will fail!

This System is so good, this is an EASY Guarantee for us to make! Join Now and See for Yourself!

"Thank you for delivering everything you promised and more."

To say I was impressed with version 1 is an understatement - I couldn't believe the amount of detail in it. I really didnt expect you to be able to surprise me again but you did it. I havent got access to the videos yet but the course as is is simply amazing. The detail you go into is just incredible and you simply havent left anything out. The only broken thing I have found is a couple of links to recommended products. Cant remember which ones now but will email you about them as I come across them. I love the way you only recommend things you have personally tested and I have no issue with using your link to buy something - you deserve to be compensated for the enormous effort you have put into this.

The so called "gurus" in IM could learn so much from you - I for one am a very happy customer. This course and your support in the forum is just so fantastic everyone should buy it and more importantly put it into action.

Thank you again for demystifying most of it , I say most of it as there are some advanced techniques outlined that have scared me but I will try them out anyway as I know you will be there to help out when I get stuck.

Thank you for delivering everything you promised and more.



Just sitting down with the course and getting into it. Mike, I am totally blown away with your knowledge of SEO. Been spending a great deal of time doing research for the past year and a half in regards to conquering traffic and mastering SEO.

This course literally has everything you would ever want to know in that regard and has all the tips and techniques that will allow me to run with the Big Boys. Never found anybody close to Mike's intelligence level in the IM community and this product beats any Guru product you will find that sells for thousands of dollars.

Mike is the REAL DEAL. An honest guy, A thorough researcher, A great teacher, incredible tech, and a super Forum Admin. So glad I got into this thing. I have honestly learned more from Mike than from any forum, guru, ebook, etc....This guy is a diamond in the rough in this industry. If you have not purchased this program yet, do your IM career the biggest favor you could possibly do and get in this thing. Not trying to blow smoke up Mike's A**....Just honestly saying this guy is the best you will ever find! 5 Big Stars for ABB V2.0.

Thanks for keeping with this product, the forum, and thanks for making a great product even better. Mike, you have gone above and beyond--I just hope all of these d-bag gurus don't steal this and try to capitalize on all of your hard work. If they do...I will more than glad to help you smash them! BEST IM COURSE YOU WILL EVER FIND GUARANTEED!


How Much Can You Make with the Auto Blog Blueprint X?

I am not going to sit here and give you a bunch of crazy numbers for how much Money you can make with this Course. Why? Because 100% of the Profit Potential lies with YOU! If You do what I teach you in this Course, the amount of Money you can make each Month, with each Blog, is only limited by the decisions You make. You can Make $1 per Month or you can make $5000 per Month with a single blog.

This is a $100,000 per Year System, all YOU need to do is follow the Steps!

There are a lot of factors that go into this, but the Number #1 Factor is YOU! I will give you all the Tools and Guidance You Need, from the Course to the Member's Only Forum, but in the end YOU have to do it. The Good News is, Hundreds of Members are DOING IT RIGHT NOW!

And So Can YOU!

Don't Worry We Are Here to Help!

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When you become a Member of the Auto Blog Blueprint X, You also get Unlimited Access to our Private Member Only Facebook Group where you can ask questions and get the Answers you need to succeed with the ABB X!

I will be there to help you personally every step of the way!

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